Customer vs. Client in Real Estate Transaction

As a Client you will receive OLDCAR (Obedience, Loyalty, Disclosure, Confidentially, Accounting, and Reasonable Care). As a Customer you should be treated Honesty and fair.
As a Seller (Customer), you can expect certain services from the Broker/Agent:
1. We may view the property on buyer-client’s behalf.
2. We may show your property to our client-buyers.
3. We may gather information on buyer-client’s behalf.
4. We may prepare any offers on buyer-client’s behalf.
5. We may negotiate offers on buyer-client’s behalf.
6. We may assist our client-buyers in locating and obtaining financing or any other terms that benefit buyer-client.
7. We may work with all parties to solve problems and facilitate the closing.
8. We may provide our buyer-client assistance in coordinating inspections or surveys etc.
9. We will disclose any defects we know about the property.
10. We may relay to buyer all information that we learn from you.

As a Seller (Customer), you will not receive…
1. Price counseling or prepare CMA (Comparative Market Analysis).
2. Any advice on how much to sell your property.
3. Any advice regarding property, showing tips, staging, etc.
4. Any Marketing.
5. Pre-Qualifying Buyers
6. Host an open house.
7. Any advice regarding positions to take during negotiations.
8. Any information that would be detrimental to the Buyer’s negotiating position or that is confidential, unless required by law to disclose.
For more information and other scenarios related to Customers vs. Clients, please visit my website at or Click on the Customers vs Clients


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